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Method, effect and ethics

Uncategorised Posted on Sat, January 25, 2020 17:10:24

There are many ways to skin a cat, as the saying goes. The same goes for training dogs. We all start the same place – completely without a clue. We’re all able to relate to the human mind and through that, have an understanding of human thought capacity. It either takes a lot of trial and error or a very good instructor, before our knowledge covers the much more amputated dog thought capacity – even longer before we can use that knowledge effectively in our training.
But this is the key – knowing how a dog thinks and via that, teaching it what we want it to learn. Far too many raise the bar way too high, because they  attribute the dog thinking abilities, that they just don’t have.

In the meantime, there are different approaches and methods to training – some much kinder than others. Some are ethically easier to identify oneself with and that alone can determine the choice. There can be such a strong identification with one particular approach, that it’s negative effects go unnoticed. Methods can become religion and if the religion doesn’t happen to fit the dog, then it’s the dog, that gets replaced and not the approach.

If you aren’t very experienced yourself and you have an instructor with a religion, you will probably spot the very empty toolbox, if you show up with a dog, that doesn’t react in the proper way to the instruction. My point here is,  that for the best results, you need to have several ways of teaching the same exercise, but also several ways of responding to dogs’ different behaviours.

The well-equipped toolbox is the result of years and years of experience, of trial and error, of perseverance, self criticism and analysis. There are no shortcuts. Courses and books cannot compete with hands on experience.

So it’s not just a case of teaching the dog, how to perform an exercise. It’s also a case of how the exercise is performed. Precision is one thing and has definitely a value, but if it’s achieved by putting the dog under undue pressure, then it loses its value – at least it ought to.
Exuberance is another thing. This too has its value, but again this is reduced, when it has a negative effect on precision. In effect the aim is to work between total precision and almost tipping point exuberance, if you are going to get the best result. Everyone loves to see an extremely happy or fast dog being precise. Some don’t mind seeing a miserable dog being precise. I do and if I had to prioritize between the two aspects, I’d take the exuberance any day. It’s much easier to work towards precision with an enthusiastic dog than it is to get exuberance from a miserable one.

So which method, gives the best result? Best result being the unification of exuberance and precision and not merely a question of the judges points. Can I do it another way and get a better result? This does not mean by using radically different methods and set-ups but differences in rewarding, distances and support. Quick fix, although widely used, never works. In fact dramatic changes only serve to confuse the dog or make it unsure and hesitant.

Can I see myself, with my ethical codex, using a certain method? This is a question, we all should be asking ourselves, because if you can’t see yourself feeling good about doing something, don’t go there! And just for the record, hitting, throwing, jerking hard on the lead or showing your anger or irritation, is never okay.

Have I been blinded by another’s results, that I’ve hung my conscience up with my coat and forgotten that it’s even there? Another question we all should be asking ourselves. Is that rosette, trophy or title really worth compromising your right to call yourself a decent human being for? I think not.

At the end of the day and as I have said many times before, I’m never going to be anything spectacular with my dogs. I can be a part of it and be okay good at what I do, but reaching the top will always be beyond my limits. I’m just not ambitious enough to just go ahead and do whatever it takes. I like being able to look in the mirror too much 😉 and when my dogs or I screw up, it doesn’t really bother me – at least not enough.

My heroes are the ones who do really well and do it by being kind. They might not always score the highest points or run in the fattest time, but they are without doubt the people we all should be admiring and trying to live up to.

So be nice out there.

The fine art of limitation

Uncategorised Posted on Thu, January 02, 2020 17:54:04

Training indoors after my Christmas break went extremely well. I’d made a plan of what to train with each dog. However, having a plan is nowhere near enough. If training is going to lead anywhere, it’s important to have a precise idea of where the dog is in it’s learning process and also what the success criteria are for the particular session.
My training this time round consisted of simple elements and with the sole purpose of getting back into the swing of things. With the exception of Busy not remembering her stand command, each dog performed exceptionally well with their chosen focus areas. Which brings me to the title of this post.

When everything is done fabulously well, it’s very easy to either do repetitions or add other exercises to the session. If the dog performs to the success criteria or above the very first time, there is a risk of the dog achieving less in a repetition. The learning process is supported best, when we stop in time. The only thing that I ended up working on was the lost stand command. All the other things, we did only once. This meant that the session was over after 40 minutes and I had three dogs with me.

They were not tired, but training sessions are never in order to tire my dogs out. If I’d added exercises, that I hadn’t prepared for, then I wouldn’t have had a precise idea of the dogs status or the success criteria. That would be more of a spur of the moment thing, with the risk of me making mistakes.

Remembering this, is very easy for me when I train obedience. I think it’s due to the fact, that I am aware of what I am working towards and can see every step of the way very clearly and in detail. I know when the dog has enhanced its performance and every tiny development has its worth, which I hang on to by stopping in time. Sometimes I stop building on what the dog can and spend some time maintaining the new skill by doing the exercise just once with the same success criteria. This strengthens the exercise, so that I can build on it at a later date without risk of it crumbling away again.

If only I could do this with agility. Unfortunately I can’t see every step on the way and I can’t just feel, when I need to stop up and repeat without building. I get greedy, when it goes well and want more. So remembering to stop in time is something I have to remind myself of every single time I go out. I’m getting better at it and tell myself that it’s better I build too slowly rather than too fast. With this very conscious thought, when I train agility, I can feel my dogs progressing.

So the last two days I’ve trained agility, because all of them are now on heat. I don’t go in the hall at this time for much the same reason for not doing many repetitions – I’d give them conditions that could open up for a deterioration of performance, as they would have to wear something to protect our carpets. They could of course get used to this, but it’s so rare, that it would be necessary, that I have chosen just not to use the hall.

The plan for training was running contacts for all and different sections with jumps, seesaw and weave poles.

Running contacts are new to me. I’m trying to teach it to all four dogs at once, which is probably rather ambitious, when I really can’t see the steps along the way. I’ve been patiently spending plenty of time at each stage and not rushing too much. I’ve got them on the two planks placed on a plastic milk box now. They all learn differently and have different issues with the exercise. Busy Braindead has a recurring tendency to try to make things easier for herself by checking whether or not it really doesn’t give a reward, when she doesn’t do the job properly. The borders don’t try to cheat.

Merry is very conscientious and hits every time. However she is not very fast. I’ve chosen to ignore this and hope with practice she will get more confident.

Yoga is faster. She misses every now and again, but corrects herself next time around. This shows that she is thinking and her making mistakes is also a way of helping her become very conscious of the criteria.

Busy has never had anything but running contacts. She tends to look at me and lose focus on the mat at the end of the dogwalk. I’m changing the criteria for her and only rewarding, when she looks where she is going. As I’ve said before, she’s not that bright. If I use a treat dispenser, she only sees that and not the mat. If I lay the toy on the ground, she just runs and gets it without doing anything. Trying to call her back is pointless. Busy does as Busy wants! Treats landing on the ground at the end of the dogwalk have the best effect.

Baby Swift is without doubt the best of them. All the way along she has been the most consistent, collecting herself jumping in and out of a low box, landing in the same way on the mat on the ground and now learning to hit the mat on the ramp. She is only 7 months old, so I have ages to teach her this. The others are going to be competing again soon, so there is a far more limited time span. This puts the fine art of limitation under even more pressure, making it more important, that I remember to stop in time.

Status after a week of skiing – where do we go from here?

Uncategorised Posted on Mon, December 30, 2019 10:07:29

So I spent Christmas in Norway.

I was a bit sceptical about this holiday, because last time I was away, it was really hard on my legs. Not that I felt much at the time, apart from tired muscles, but when I got home and had rested a few days, my legs suddenly felt like they were giving way. One of them felt as if the knee was about to bend the wrong way and if I sat down, it took ages to straighten it out again. On top of that I stopped training at the gym at the start of this year and have been training at home, with only my body weight as the load. To be honest I haven’t been very systematic with that either.

Unbelievably, my legs have been brilliant. No aches, getting down the slopes with ease and without any stops all the way down. Who would have guessed that?

I had a go at crosscountry skiing again. It’s been my plan to do this, as I have a real job keeping warm because I freeze on the lifts. I have tried a tiny bit a couple of times before and am quite useless at it. I hired some skis and spent the last morning trying to control them and my balance. This resulted in a number of falls, several bruises in the making and stiffer legs afterwards.

The older I get, the easier it gets to give up on things, that are difficult or hard. Remembering always to think, Don’t be afraid to fail – be afraid not to try, I am buying a set, when I get home. That way I will end up trying again and again and again.

This is truly a beautiful country. Apart from once, I have managed to see a moose or two every time I’ve been in Hemsedal and saw one on the way home this time as well. Perfect.

At home Natalie has been dog-sitting. Swift has been somewhere else, so apart from stealing a few toilet rolls and not coming back when called, everything has been fine. Now to get back into the swing of things regarding their training.

I work with a paper trainings diary. To be honest there’s not quite enough space in it for four dogs, but I’ve introduced many abbreviations, so it functions quite well. I am a member of Hotdoghallen, which is a heated building with quality carpets on the floor and all obedience equipment. You can’t train agility in there, because the shock absorbency is no where near good enough. In my basement I have a room with one jump and good flooring, where I can practice without jumping and I have an agility course outside. I live in the country and rather open for a western wind, which means I can’t always train outside. My jumps are lightweight and tip over easily.

A break in training means a couple of training sessions, where we find one another and the exercises, but don’t try to build on anything. Going in to the session with an expectancy of mistakes or slight lack of precision. The goal is to re-establish what we had, before the break. Generally I choose my exercises before I leave the house and I choose which part of the exercise, I will focus on. Unless my purpose is to check whether or not the whole exercise is in place, I never train whole exercises. Most of my dogs only meet whole exercises at a competition and I have never trained sequences of exercises. The word transport doesn’t exist in my trainings dictionary. I have an expectancy that my dog is checked in regardless of what we do and moving from one spot to another in the ring, gives the dog a chance to use its body in the way it chooses, before it again has to use it, as I choose. My philosophy is that quantity has a detrimental effect on quality.  If I train after top quality, I will end up with a very motivated dog. It’s this motivation, that carries the quantity at a competition. Plus seeing a happy dog has enormous  value for me.

All exercises in our program consist of several or many elements and it’s these that I train. Each dog normally has three areas to train, whereas Swift has more, because her abilities only stretch to simple and isolated elements. The more complicated the section, the less things we train and complicated is defined by that particular dog. After a break we start with the dog’s easy exercises, whereas we start with the difficult exercises once we are back in the training process.

I differentiate between training and practice. I don’t practice very often, but always have the dog’s learning in focus. I’m thinking, What does this dog need to learn? When you think in these terms, it naturally limits what you can train and for how long.

Then I’m thinking about how to remove the other parts of the exercise as much as possible, so that the area of focus is visible to the dog. For example you don’t need to do heelwork in order to train the positions on the move. Once the dog is 100% on the verbal cues standing still, it needs to be 100% whilst moving. However you still don’t have to train the heelwork at the same time. You can walk backwards, sidewards and turn as well as moving forwards.

My plan for today is as follows:

Yoga going out to the target in the sendaway, possibly with a smaller target if it goes well at the first attempt. Stand, sit and down commands at my side with no movement. Distance control with focus on both stand and sit to down position.

Busy jumping the hurdle with a dumbbell. Reinforcing her wait and speed of pickup. Sendaway from heelwork position, aiming at not holding her, whilst she focuses on the box. Then heelwork in a long straight stretch, one stand position and another long stretch. This because she tries to stop up by herself after one position. So I’m adding value to moving forward by rewarding for the first stretch, doing one position whilst I stop up and then moving forward again, reinforcing that one position doesn’t necessarily mean we’re taking another and rewarding more after the second stretch of heelwork.

Swift has one-step heelwork to practice, where my focus is on her body and head position and her movement. The retrieve where she walks a couple og meters and sits without adjusting her grip on the dumbbell. Her stay where she holds her position, whilst I move in next to her and doesn’t drop her head, whilst I move away from her. At this point I am still only about two meters away.

Merry is in season and not training in the hall whilst that’s the case.

Let’s see how that goes!

I’m back!

Uncategorised Posted on Thu, December 26, 2019 09:57:48

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since I last used my blog. The pictures need changing, as the dogs I now have are not the same…. or rather are the same with a few additions. I’m changing to English to keep my hand in as I nowadays have very little opportunity to use this language.

To get back to the dogs, Hektor is still going strong at fifteen and a half. Rocket is now fourteen and a half. Both are deaf and don’t see that clearly. Phoenix is soon twelve and Hubert ten and a half.

Competing I have Merry whom has just turned seven and Yoga, who is six months younger. Merry is obedience and agility champion and needing one more certificate for the jumping title. Yoga has one of three results for her obedience title and has also one agility certificate.

Busy is a Miniature American Shepherd with her nose in everything. Very energetic dog but not very bright. Luckily the energy level compensates for the lack of intelligence. She turns two in March. I got her measured for agility in October, not really expecting her to be small before her second birthday, but she was. We’re a bit behind on the training, because I thought there would be at least six more months before, she was eligible for the small class. In the meantime we have trained obedience and she has her Class 1 plus a qualification to the Danish Championships 2020.

Lastly I have Swift, Merry’s daughter with Even, an Austrian born, German agility dog. She is now seven months old and looking very promising in every way. She too is being trained to do both agility and obedience.

And here I am, sitting in Norway quite dogless and thinking about my plans for 2020. Actually I have considered going for a place on the national team with Merry and then again…? I’m not sure.

Getting older and with an inevitable deterioration of the body doesn’t really go hand in hand with the courses we see nowadays, where you need to run like the wind. Not that I don’t think the courses are fabulous. I love a challenge and especially when my only goal with my training is to learn and get better. The worry is probably because of the change of goal. When I go to a competition and have my own learning process as a goal, it doesn’t matter how well we do, if I take something home, that I can train and through that get better. If my goal has something to do with a result, I’m opening up for coming home disappointed. Do I really want to do that? Do I really want my dogs to have that handler? Am I a big enough person to not fall in the disappointment and frustration trap? I’m not so sure…

I’m going to apply, mainly because working with the pressure is also a learning process. I’d like a spot at EO next year, because Natalie can qualify for this and much of the fun of competing is due to being with my daughters and sharing our interest. It’s a bit like traveling on your own – I might as well just look at the pictures of the place, if I don’t have anyone to share the experience with.

So the plan is also qualification for the Danish agility championships. They are the same day as the obedience ones and luckily the same place in 2020. I worked out that I can do both, if the team agility event is in the morning as it usually is.

I’m doing mainly DKK competitions next year and just a few DcH. I’ve taken a year off from judging, but had enquired about becoming a DKK judge. Apparently I don’t have to do the courses, but I bet that those on the courses are recognized judges before I am!

Obedience wise I’m hoping to get Yogas champion title in 2020. The plan with Busy is to take each class one year at a time, as I doubt very much that she has the brain capacity to come further than Class 3. So no more competitions for her until after the Championships and then a Class 2. We are well on the way with our training.

Swift is my obedience and agility hope for the future. She is incredibly intelligent and not just because I compare with Busy. She is inexhaustible and very fast and it’s going to take a long time to train her up, as I’m paying particular attention to detail to a degree I haven’t since I lived in England. I’ve had lots of really good dogs, but Swift could well be my once in a lifetime dog…. if I play my cards right.

…og prøven i Roskilde!

Dagbog Posted on Mon, May 07, 2012 11:47:39

Jeg havde meldt mig til lydighedsprøven i Roskilde tildeles fordi jeg ikke kan komme til dem i Albertslund, men også fordi der skulle komme en svensk dommer. I min travle hverdag havde jeg ikke kigget på de praktiske meddelelser før to dage før konkurrencen, hvor jeg opdagede at dommeren var skiftet ud. Hmmm… bliver jeg bare hjemme eller nøjes jeg med kun den ene dag med køretur begge veje samme dag? Jeg træffede beslutningen om at tage af sted og fortrød allerede da jeg så parkeringspladsen, køen af trafik og køen til indgangen. Fortydelsen blev kun større, da jeg så banen vi skulle gå på – græs så højt at feltet og keglerne forsvandt i det. Great weekend det nok skulle blive!

Heldigvis for mig havde jeg hjemmefra taget beslutningen om at jeg ikke vil lade mig påvirke af dommerens point og at Rocket bare skulle have en positiv oplevelse på banen. Med det som hovedformål havde det faktisk ingen betydning hvordan banen så ud. Rocket var også en af de 13 hunde, der ikke fandt feltet, men han havde det godt alligevel!

Generelt så jeg ting begge dage som jeg undrede mig noget over. Bl. a. flere hunde der løftede en næseprøvegenstand, som ikke kunne ses hvor dommeren stod og derfor ikke bemærket. Manglende opmærksomhed i fællesøvelser, så uroligheder ikke opdages og nogle miste en position i indkald, hvor andre ikke gjorde uden at jeg i hvert fald kunne se succeskriterierne. Jeg fik selv 6½ pt i fri ved fod, fordi Rocket læner sig på mit ben – ikke nok til at min gang bliver påvirket af det, men alligevel en fejl. En anden fik 5 hvor hunden var mere end en meter bag føreren på et tidspunkt. Jeg får aldrig fat i sammenhængen der – Rocket er trods alt hele tiden i position. 1½ point mellem os og hele 2½ point op til dagens bedste fri ved fod? Hmmm….. the time doesn’t seem to fit the crime!

Man kan let blive irriteret, når man tror man er blevet uretfærdigt bedømt og det bliver ikke bedre af at andre bemærker en forskel uden at man selv behøver sige noget. Når det gentager sig år efter år og hund efter hund, når man et punkt hvor det ikke længere har relevans, sålænge man holder for øje at man deltager kun for at lave noget sjovt med sin hund. Problemet er, at der oftest ikke er tilfældet. Når man rejser den anden ende af landet til en prøve i stedet for at tage en i nabolaget, er det fordi man vil noget andet, end at hygge sig med sin hund. Stort set alle der deltager til de internationale prøver, har et håb om at komme med til (endda vinde) Årets Hund konkurrencen i Herning. Og derfor kan man alligevel blive irriteret!

Jeg havde en rigtig dejlig weekend. Jeg kan rigtig godt lide de andre deltagers selvskab og også ringpersonalet. Rocket var en glad dreng begge dage. Jeg fik lagt nogle træningsplaner for ham og tanket op på træningslysten. Ingen gang turen hjem var træg! Flere udtrykte at det var ærgerligt, jeg ikke skulle med til Østrig – altid rart at høre at man ikke er ‘surplus to requirement’ og et par stykker spurgte om jeg gik efter en plads til NM. Og svaret var ‘Ikke specielt’, fordi fra nu af har jeg ingen anden dagsorden end at have det sjovt med min hund og være sammen med folk, jeg har lyst til at være sammen med. Det har lykkes mig i mange år at undgå bestemt(e) dommer(e) og jeg har også været så heldig at de øvrige dømte oftest. Det er desværre ikke noget man kan regne med, har jeg måtte erkende!

Jeg ved min hund arbejder bedst indenfor og jeg kommer med til Herning – med eller uden hund, da det kun er 45 minutters kørsel væk! Selvom også andre deltagere mener jeg burde arbejde på at rette Rockets position, er jeg faktisk mest glad for ham, når han maser på. Han gør det netop af glæde og ingen point system skal have lov at ændre på det. Livet er og skal fortsætte med at være godt for både mig og min hund!

Vi ses derude – i hvert fald inden for landegrænsen!

Tanker efter prøven i Christiansfelt

Dagbog Posted on Sun, April 01, 2012 19:18:33

To dage i blæst, solskin, regn og hagl – ikke uafbrudt men i en evig vekslende og svært at forudse rækkefølge.

Rocket og jeg træk startnummer 9 lørdag og 5 søndag og som vejrguderne ville have det, slap vi for nedbør begge gange. Det blæste mod banen lørdag og bagfra den søndag, så selvom der var mere sol og lidt højere temperatur lørdag, var det der jeg frøs mest.

I løbet af vinteren har jeg lært Rocket at ligge i fællesdæk med hovedet ned, men da den ikke helt er på plads (løfter nogle gange hovedet, når jeg går forbi på vej tilbage eller når jeg kommer ind på plads) valgte jeg ikke at bruge ‘head’ kommandoen. Alligevel valgte han at lægge hovedet selv. Det kom op på vej tilbage lørdag og først, da jeg gik hen til ham søndag. Det var det positive ved vinterens indsats!

Det negative var nada forskel på udløbene til keglen og feltet. Øv! Øv! og efter alt det arbejde også. Lørdag var han meget glad og en smule fræk. Søndag var han mere præcis, men føltes som en slatten klud! Når alt kommer til alt, foretrækker jeg den frække udgave. Han lavede to jævne programmer med et enkelt nul i næseprøven søndag.

Bedømmelserne som sædvanlig gav grund til eftertanke. Der er kun point fra 5 til 10 at differentiere med og har dommeren lagt linjen meget stramt i fri ved fod, gøres der ikke stor nok forskel mellem de forskellige udgaver af øvelsen. Det kan godt være, at dommerne har set en eller anden udenlandsk ekvipage præsterer til hvad de synes fortjener en 10 tal, men når de nu godt kan se fra kataloget, at de ikke kommer til prøven i Danmark den dag, kan de, efter min mening, godt slække lidt på kravene og øse op med lidt flere af dem. Personligt synes jeg at en ‘hængt kat’ fri ved fod skal give mindre end en lige så upræcis entusiastisk fri ved fod – men det er slet ikke tilfældet. En konstant men ukorrekt position skal ikke straffes mere end en flagrende og skiftende position, men det bliver det. Selvfølgelig er den flagrende hund en gang imellem i den korrekte position, hvor den anden ikke er. Men den konstant position er noget mere flydende at se på.

Hele ‘strafferammen’ i lydighed afspejler slet ikke virkeligheden. Det er lidt ligesom strafferammen for økonomisk kriminalitet kontra seksuelle forbrydelser – i Danmark bliver man vist stadig straffet hårdere for underslæb end for at begå en voldtægt! Når en hund løfter den forkerte næseprøve pind, men kommer med den rigtige, får den 0 på lige fod med hunden, der kommer med den forkerte eller slet ikke rejser sig fra førerens side for at finde den! Det svarer til at jeg skal dømmes for at stjæle, fordi jeg tager noget op fra hylderne i butikken med henblik på at stjæle, men lægger det alligevel tilbage uden at gøre det.

Jeg så en hund lave en meget flot fremadsendelse, men rejse sig ganske lidt fra dæk stilling i feltet, hvorefter den lagde sig hurtigt ned igen. 0 point på lige fod med hunden, der slet ikke kommer derude. Tænk man kan få flere point med en kraftig omdirigering! Men hvis øvelse var bedst?

Ligeledes i indkaldet hvor hunden skal stå og ligge undervejs. Hunden der lige popper op fra liggende ved start får 0 på lige fod med hunden, der slet ikke stopper på kommandoerne. Det er ikke optimalt, at hunden ikke bliver på jorden ved start eller hvis den ligger uroligt – men 0 som om den slet ikke har lavet noget af øvelsen?

Så er der hundene der larmer. Utrolig hvad lyd kan betyde for ellers ualmindelige gode præstationer. Siger hunden små lyde, ender det på samme niveau som en meget ring præstation. Men igen hvis øvelse var bedst?

Det er jo ikke dommernes skyld – de følger bare reglerne og egne overbevisninger, men nej hvor er det nogle gange dødsens at konkurrere indenfor sådan en dødbider regelsæt! Det virker så militæragtig og uden perspektiv. Jeg er sikker på at mange, ret ofte, føler sig grundigt snydt eller uretfærdigt bedømt. Denne weekend var jeg dog heldigvis ikke en af dem.

Foråret er på vej!

Dagbog Posted on Sun, February 26, 2012 15:40:39

Når man har så mange poter, der skal tørres har jeg været glad for de to foregående vintre med sne i flere måneder. Down siden har selvfølgelig været at stå ved sæsonstart med hunde i mega dårlig form, da jeg ikke har kunnet løbe rundt om søen med dem om aftenen og vejene har været saltede. I år er det noget andet. Der er stadig ikke tændt gadelys i skoven, så ingen løber tur om søen, men allerede nu kan jeg så småt begynde at cykle med dem. Yay!

Egen kondition har aldrig været bedre, da motionscenteret byder på isfri underlag og lun ikke-fugtig luft. Der blev løbet en halvmaraton på løbebånd for ikke så mange uger siden, 2 km rekord er ned på 9:42 og 5 km på 25:48. Så nu mangler jeg bare hundene.

Arbejde har trukket tænder ud det sidste års tid, men selv det er nu ved at være på plads. Denne weekend har jeg trænet hundene, fordi jeg havde lyst og ikke fordi jeg skulle. Jeg har lavet nogle trænings og motioneringsplaner og har næsten ikke skænket den kommende uges arbejde en tanke!

Rocket er ikke længere halt. Jeg havde ham i snor i fire måneder for at være på den sikre side og nu klarer han de samme anstrengelser som de andre. Han er rimelig sikker i sine øvelser på trods den meget lidt træning. Jeg tager ham med til Christiansfeld og ser om ikke vi kan få en plads på landsholdet, men kommer vi ikke med, går min verden ikke under af den grund! Der er nogle nye og lovende ekvipager, der har lagt hårdt ud fra start, så konkurrencen er strammere i år.

Hektor bliver otte i år. Det er stadig nemt for en lille men muskuløs fyr at forcere kl. 3 forhindringer i denne alder, men hvorfor overanstrenge ham uden grund? Hektor kan ikke komme længere op klassemæssigt, så det eneste tilbage er DM udtagelser som opnås i åben klasse. Derfor holder vi os til disse klasser i 2012.

Blitz har taget meget af min tid vinteren i gennem. Når man har så mange hunde, som vi har, skal der noget til, hvis man vil skabe god og kvalitets plads til en ny hvalp, så den ikke bare bliver blandet ind i de andres tilværelser. Jeg står op kl. 5 og efter et bad, lukker jeg hende ude i haven. Jeg lukker af til gangen og soveværelset og lukker de andre hunde derude. Så har jeg Blitz sammen med mig, mens jeg snitter frugt og grøntsager, smører min madpakke og spiser morgenmad. Vi leger og former momenter på plads uden at det går op for Blitz at vi gør andet end at lege. Så står de andre op og jeg går tur med det første hold hunde (6 border collies og Hubert). Når jeg kommer tilbage, går jeg samme tur igen med næste hold (Dreamy og Hektor + Hubert og Jingle som får lov til at gå 2 gange). Tilbage for anden gang, går jeg med tredje hold – Blitz. Kl. 7.20 er jeg tilbage og klar til at køre på arbejde.

Den afsatte tid har været godt givet ud. Crazy-pup er godt menneske fikseret og momenterne forrygende godt på vej. I modsætning til Rocket er Blitz umoden uden at være ‘baby’. Hun formår at lave mange ting, før hun koger over. For ‘babyen’ går toppen oftest af. Stillingsskiftet er stort set på plads i forhold til det grundlæggende – bevægelserne mellem positionerne. Som noget nyt har jeg nævnte bevægelserne og ikke positionerne. Dvs. stå hedder noget forskelligt afhængigt om det er fra dæk eller sit. Der arbejdes med plads positionen. Venstre vendinger er på plads og baglæns godt på vej. Fremad er mere vanskelig for hende, men kommer på et tidspunkt. Efter mine principper skal hun maks. gå 10 skridt når hun bliver et år og hun er ikke 7 mdr. endnu. Apportering er også godt på vej. Vi mangler at hun selv kan finde plads position – men kan man ikke det uden støtte uden en apportbuk, kan man slet ikke med en! I modsætning til mange andre ‘gummibolde’ border hvalpe, kan Blitz allerede bevare koncentration og holde kroppen i ro. ‘Sit’ øvelsen blev afprøvet til en agilitystævne i opstartsområdet for et par uger siden og det forvoldte hende ingen problemer. Om et år er vi klar til at indtage ringen!


Dagbog Posted on Sun, February 05, 2012 14:16:53

Jeg udbyder to lydighedskurser, der sigter efter konkurrenceniveauførere eller nye førere med ambitioner om at konkurrere. Dvs. Ikke almen opdragelseslydighed.

Kurserne finder sted i Hedensted på Sannes Hundecenter. Der er en stor uopvarmet hal med jord underlag. Der forefindes køkken, toiletter og mulighed for overnatning. Vi træner fra kl. 9 til 16 med en frokostpause fra ca. 12-13.

Der gennemgås samtlige øvelser i DKKs program, men meget af disse kan overføres til andre programmer f. eks. DcHs. Der vil blive introduceret og forklaret min tilgang til indlæring af de forskellige øvelser, mens undervisning tager udgangspunkt i hver enkelt ekvipage.

Der er stadig få ledige pladser på begge kurser som finder sted d. 25. og 26. februar og d. 24. og 25. marts. Tilmelding og yderligere information kan fås pr. mail til

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